What to Look for in a Contractor When You’re Ready for a Bathroom Renovation Project at Your Upper West Side, NY, Home

If you own a townhouse or apartment in one of the Upper West Side neighborhoods, you’ll be faced with a number of hurdles when it’s time to remodel. These include obtaining city building permits for your project and, in many cases, approval from your building superintendent. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation project in this part of New York City, you’ll want to partner with a contractor who’s savvy and experienced about the home remodeling process in this area.

Starting Your Search

A bathroom remodel is one of the most-requested renovations for homeowners anywhere, but especially in this part of the country. Square footage is at a premium, and many apartments and townhomes that were built decades ago were not laid out to accommodate modern luxuries like a soaking tub. If you’re planning a full-scale bathroom makeover that can help you increase your storage space and make room for the amenities you want, you’ll need a full-service contractor who’s licensed,  insured, and able to provide all of the work that’s required to complete your bathroom renovation. This means your contractor should be an expert in the latest building codes and able to provide electrical and plumbing upgrades along with demolition, construction, and installation services.

For many homeowners, the bathroom renovation experience will be less stressful if they hire a full-service contractor who can provide design services, secure all required permits and management approvals, complete all of the renovation work, schedule the necessary inspections, and conduct a thorough cleanup of the project site. Gaudioso Contracting is just such a contractor, serving homeowners and businesses on the Upper West Side since 2005. We’ll be delighted to discuss your upcoming renovation project, whether you’d like to freshen up your bathroom with new paint, wallpaper, and flooring, or you have a full-scale overhaul in mind.

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If you’re planning a bathroom renovation or some other remodeling project at your home in the Upper West Side area, contact us today to discuss the details. We’ll be happy to show you examples of projects we’ve completed that are similar to yours and discuss our outstanding customer satisfaction record.

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