06/07/2017 – Carol Golden

Very Well. This was my fourth project with Anthony so this speaks for itself. I would only work with him and would recommend him to anyone. The pricing and timing was accurate, his team is always professional. responsive, and courteous. I have worked with him on a complete kitchen, and a complete bathroom renovation, and a handyman job. This project was on a second bathroom.


04/25/2017 – James Cheng

Anthony’s team provided timely & professional service. They really go above and beyond for their
customers. Highly recommended.


04/12/2017 – Sunni Levinson

I started to set up with them. We did some plans and stuff. We are going to postpone the June date due to a surgery I am going to have. He was very pleasant and nice. We talked about some of the things I could do, like moving a toilet that is close to the wall. We talked about the materials and what not. We were beginning to start the process with the co-op management company as to the insurance.

The overall price I don’t have, because we never got it put together. We never got the final estimate, but it was in the ballpark of other people I spoke with. He was pretty much in the same range.

I did like the idea that he was going to run pipe all of the way to the waste in the wall, otherwise if he did what some other companies were doing, if I had problems further down, they wouldn’t cover it. He was going to take full responsibility, of course I would have to pay for the piping down to the waste, but he made a good point that he was responsible to a certain area within the wall, within the structure that the co-op board could say was my responsibility. I thought that was really good. I have lived here for 14 years and we are going on our fourth management company. He has dealt with co-op’s before.

The pictures they took of what we were doing, were good. We did talk a lot with the designers.


04/12/2017 – fatima abreu

Anthony responded quickly, and scheduled a walk thru the next day. He gave us good advice and
ideas along with what to expect from our management company. Quoted us quickly and was priced in
the middle of what others quoted. We chose him based on how knowledgeable he was, and gut feeling. Once work started Nicolas our foreman was great, explained everything and addressed any concerns. Job was completed on time and at the price agreed. We were happy with how it came out overall.


03/02/2017 – Beverly Ader

The work was done quickly, beautifully and neatly! I’m thrilled with the work and customer service
from the team at Gaudioso Contracting and would use them again. I highly recommend them!


02/28/2017 – Janet Barba

Gaudioso Contracting kept on top of all the sub-contactors and kept me informed every bit of the way. The final result was a beautiful kitchen. All the workers from Gaudioso Contracting to the sub-contractors were experienced, very professional and respectful. I would recommend Gaudioso Contracting to anyone. You will not be sorry. Allison from Gaudioso was exceptional and she got me through it all. I never knew anyone who was more customer oriented. She kept on top of every aspect of the job and kept me informed. It was a pleasure dealing with her.


02/13/2017 – Rose Greenbaum

I remodeled both of my bathrooms with Gaudioso Contracting this past summer. I live in a 1920’s coop building in Brooklyn which has a lot of requirements for renovations. (Lots of extra paperwork, licenses, letters, strict work hours, asbestos abatements, and they also had stipulations about which plumbers we could use). Gaudioso Contracting was very accommodating and flexible about all of my buildings needs. Gaudioso contracting was not the cheapest quote I received but the had the best upfront communication and expertise which I why I chose to work with them and It was a great decision because the bathrooms came out beautiful!! The craftsmanship was excellent and the workers were very respectful of the other spaces in my apartment. They keep all the areas of the apartment they were using clean while working. The project did take longer than we anticipated but that had nothing to do with the Gaudioso team. We had hold ups with the building, the required sub-contractors and the DOB which were aggravating but come with the territory of this type of renovation. All that said, my favorite part of working with Gaudioso Contracting was the accessibility. They were always available to help corral the many different moving parts of the job and it was essential that I was always able to get in touch with someone who could give me updates and help at a moments notice. I would love to work with them again on future projects.


01/23/2017 – Tatyana Biyanova

Overall we were pleased with the speed, professionalism, cleanliness, and responsiveness. Both project manager and the worker were nice and easy to deal with. They offered to repaint the whole room, even though that was not discussed beforehand. The price was reasonable for the job, not high or low.


01/18/2017 – Patricia Brown

Our overall experience with Gaudioso contracting was great. Anthony the owner is very professional
and cares that the work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Allison the office manager always
responds to phone calls and emails immediately. The quality of the work is excellent.


01/16/2017 – Catherine Diver

Initial consult – the project manager arrived on time and understood and answered all concerns.
Everything was detailed in the contract. We arranged for a start date – everything went exactly as
discussed and outlined. They were very professional and put us at ease. The work looks great. Workers were very professional and cleaned up daily. Project Manager was responsive and while not on site daily – there wasn’t a need as the workers knew what they were doing – he kept in touch with his team and responded quickly to my questions. Allison at the office was awesome – in both responsiveness and follow up.


12/27/2016 – Frederic Boucher

We had a short turnaround time and they were on time, on budget and we came out with a great floor at a very realistic price. They did renovations for us in the past and once again we were happy they came to our rescue quickly and efficiently. Other people in our building had damaged floors and kitchen and we recommended Gaudioso to them.


12/27/2016 – Ulric Guy

Very efficiently done, I am very satisfied with the service. I am very impressed with this company and
the recommendation. They showed up on time, no hassles, and they cleaned up very thoroughly. My
neighbors were even impressed by the work they did. Great, highest praises!


11/11/2016 – Donna Donato

I would definitely use this company again for our next renovation. I highly recommend this company
! Thank you Anthony and company for taking care of us. This is definitely a company who will never take
advantage of you.


09/10/2016 – Barbara Stoller

We couldn’t have asked for a better contractor than Gaudioso Contracting! My family purchased a two family home in Astoria in July of this year and then started the process of looking for a contractor. We reached out to a few contractors and were starting to get rather disheartened that even getting a comprehensive proposal and quote for getting the work done seemed to be a challenge. We found Gaudioso Contracting on Angie’s list and, based on the reviews, decided to give them a shot. We’re so glad that we did! Their work was beautifully executed, on time, and within the budget discussed. The entire team, from Anthony to Luis the project manager and Allison from their office staff were always prompt in their responses to any questions and very organized in how they went about their work. They did an absolutely beautiful job painting, refinishing floors, replacing the roof of our garage and a long list of other things that needed to be repaired, updated or installed. Two weeks into the work we sent them another long list of repairs etc. that we realized we wanted done and they took those on without hesitation. They also did a great job cleaning up after all the work was done which was very much appreciated. It really was about as stress free a process as a house renovation can be. We’ll be renovating our cellar very soon and will, without hesitation, be going with Gaudioso Contracting for this project. Happy to give them an A rating!



08/21/2016 – Wilfredo Larancuent

It is without hesitation that I give Gaudioso Contracting an A rating. The quality of the work was excellent and its customer service was impeccable – from Anthony to Luis (the project manager) to his crew to the office staff, particularly Allison. The work was completed within the anticipated timeline and budget. Both Anthony and Luis were very responsive to my questions and quickly addressed any concern I may have had during the process of renovating my kitchen and laundry room. I experienced a highly skilled, extremely professional and disciplined work crew who displayed pride in their work and caring for meeting my expectations as a client. They were flexible to revise work orders as I asked for changes in the initial proposal or came up with new ideas for the work. Not only do I highly recommend doing business with Gaudioso Contracting; I have re-engaged with the company to do additional work as we continue to renovate this old house we call home. I have found in Gaudioso a construction company that I can trust and rely on for good quality work and great care for its customers.



The work went very well and especially I appreciate the team manager Travis who was very knowledgeable and pleasant. The 2 workers were polite, skilled and helpful. In all the experience was great and I certainly will hire Gaudioso contracting again.


06/08/2016 – Yosefa Shliselberg

In a word – EXCELLENT!  The best experience I’ve ever had with a contractor. Luis, the project manager, and the crew are terrific. They have a great work ethic, are careful and considerate, and very reliable and responsive. Luis is a GENIUS and can solve virtually any problem. Wilson is a MASTER when it comes to installing cabinets, and Jose is an ARTIST when it comes to installing tile and wood flooring. Anthony, the owner, is a dream to work with, as are his office staff. I was so pleased with the quality, professionalism and value, that I referred a friend and two neighbors. I highly recommend Gaudioso!



All work was professionally done in a timely manner.  A beautiful job in both cases, and it was a pleasure to work with Anthony and his team.


05/25/2016 – ELLIOTT KAYNE

Anthony and his foreman Luis was very professional, with prompt quality workmanship and customer service. Luis was extremely accommodating to all requests, never saying no to any question or request. He communicated with me throughout the project, even though I was not on site (I live in Florida and this was on one of my investment properties in New York), sending me pictures of his progress along the way. Any issue I found was promptly addressed to my satisfaction. I will use them again in the future, and highly recommend them to any who wishes a good job done well.


04/29/2016 – Jeffrey Chester

Fantastic job, great work. This was a difficult job b/c it was subject to starts and stops. Job initially delayed because of my injury. Board approval was drawn out and difficult and required additional safeguards, under flooring, waterproofing.

They are a one-stop shop-they have their own cabinet manufacturer they work with and several tile, stone yards. They also have a great architect, Beth Ann Kelly, who we worked with on design and board approval.

We worked with a terrific foreman-Travis-who was always helpful and always responsive. Very collaborative process when we ran into difficulties or questions. They did what they said they were going to do and did it in a timely manner, and the quality of their work was outstanding. Willing to come back and fix any small punch list items. The kitchen really exceeded our expectations in terms of how utility and looks!

We had a little dispute as to billing at the end of the job-due primarily to delays and changes, but this was worked out amicably.

Do not hesitate to use these folks! They do excellent, excellent  work!


03/02/2016 – mavis taintor

If there were a rating higher than “A” I would give it to Gaudioso. Anthony Gaudioso and Travis our job boss, managed through the difficulties of working in an old house where you literally do not know what is behind any wall until you open it up.  Many changes had to be made to the original work order a to accommodated the realities of the building and its structural issues. Anthony and Travis not only took these issues with grace and humor, but also produced a fully renovated part of our house that is safe, perfect and beautiful. But here’s the most important reason I would give Gaudioso a grade higher than “A” if I could.  We had a gas line issue with our new stove. This had nothing to do with Gaudioso and was caused by work done in the house 20 years ago. However, once the renovation was complete, Con Ed refused to turn on our stove gas line. Again, this was not caused by Gaudioso. Even though this was not Gaudioso’s problem, they treated it as if it were their problem! Anthony, Travis, their plumbers and Mary in the office all continued to push through the Con Ed and DOB bureaucracies for months. They stayed on top of all the related sub-issues, meetings, appointments, tests, etc.,  and finally today, six months later, we have a working stove. If Gaudioso had walked away from our gas line problem, I don’t know where we would be today.  For sure, I would not be cooking dinner on my stove tonight. Thank you, Team Gaudioso! I would give you an A+ if I could.


01/28/2016 – Kathleen Perri

My situation is unique in that as the owner, I live out of state but family members live in the house that underwent the project. I sought out 3 estimates 5 months prior to the start of the project. All 3 estimates were fairly close in price for what was included in each of the proposals. I chose Anthony because of the detail he put in the proposal. I was concerned that additional costs would be added in the other proposed projects since they were not specifically stated. Anthony told me he might be a bit higher as he only uses quality materials, specifically on the shower door ( the door he suggested is sturdy & top notch). Anthony came across as knowledgeable as well as approachable .
The bathroom renovation was done on a bathroom in a house built in 1901. Anthony had warned me ahead of time that the main
water pipe line was probably in an area of the bathroom which would effect the design of the bathroom. He was right and the space to work with was smaller than he expected when the bathroom was fully gutted. We had to go to plan B and eventually to plan C when the proposed shower was going to be smaller than we needed as we had some large family members. This took time and the 3 week project took close to 5 weeks. Of course, I wanted the project to end sooner but I could see that Nick (foreman) and his assistants were doing a quality job. Space was an issue- 2 men could work comfortably but no more! The house needed a good dusting upon completion of the project (not surprised) but the men made an earnest effort to clean up after themselves each day.
In regard to the supplies, I picked out the bathroom cabinet with a mirror, tiles and light fixture while Anthony suggested the window,toilet, pedestal sink, faucets, shower heads etc. I was very pleased with the quality of all of the above equipment.
Of course, there were a few bumps in the road but Nick was readily available and if I needed additional clarification, Anthony returned phone calls on a timely basis and when I asked him to stop by as we were moving on to plan C, he was very accommodating. He did not give the feeling that he was too busy for me. Anthony is a hands on owner. Once you sign the contract, you will here from him again. He also honors his word. One of his workers refinished my bathroom door & truthfully, it was the only part of the project I was dissatisfied with. Anthony said he would forward the door to a professional refinisher without additional cost. He kept his word and the door looks super!
A major shoutout of appreciation goes to Mary who runs the office. She promptly returns emails, phone calls and if there is any question about an order, goes over line by line to make sure everything is correct- attentive to detail!  I am saving my $$ for the second  bathroom in my home & I will be using Gaudioso contracting in the future.


01/19/2016 – Andrew Goldberg

Absolute professionals. Top notch. Take responsibility for everything follow through. Amazing attention to detail. AND most importantly they finish the job without dragging out the end. Hire with confidence.


01/16/2016 – Arthur Morrone

These guys worked very hard during the Sandy crisis working even on the weekends to get my electrical and heating services back up and running. During the Sandy recovery period, contractors where in high demand and hard to get. However, when I signed up with this contractor, his men were very responsive with there work activities and kept me informed of all phases as the work progressed. In 2013, based on my good experience, I had them complete a full basement and first floor restore at my father house while he was away in a nearby nursing home.  A very professional and reasonably priced contractor. Mr. Gaudioso’s cost estimates are accurate and don’t change much from the beginning to the end of the job. I would definitely recommend Gaudioso Contracting for any home repair or remodeling project!


01/15/2016 – Brian Fleming

My wife and I hired Gaudioso Contracting In the middle of October, to update our second floor master bathroom. We own an attached, 1936, Tudor-style home. The bathroom was from the original construction and was in dire need of renovation?the catalyst being a leaky shower that damaged the kitchen ceiling below.

After about a year of research, dozens of sketches, and more than a few interviews with potential contractors, we finally hired Anthony to bring our vision to life.

Anthony?s foreman, Luis would ultimately handle the job. Luis and his team did an outstanding job and were very pleasant to work with. They were punctual, polite, and hard working. Although, not always on site, Luis was only a phone call away, and was always able to address any questions or concerns.

The job was extensive. It took 2 months, from demolition to final touches?like installing the thermostat for the radiant floor heating. The bathroom was a full gut renovation down to the studs. We went with Travertine tiling from the floor to the ceiling, a double vanity, a separate shower with glass door, a freestanding soak tub, and additional outlets. We also installed an exhaust fan, something sorely missing from our original bathroom. We added recessed lights, vanity lights and a chandelier. We installed built-in cubbies in the shower and bath areas. We built a custom linen closet with mirrored doors, and installed new entry doors and molding. We replaced our old antique wood window with a new fiberglass casement window and refurbished the framing on our stained glass, decorative window. We were very happy that we got to keep that. We thought it was a lost cause.

In our kitchen, we reset some loose tiles and repaired the ceiling, which had been damaged by the leaky shower.

I did have a few issues. One of them was that some mortar adhesive had dried on the surface of the floor tiles, which made it look rough and stained. Anthony, and Luis worked with me to resolve the problems, which I truly appreciate.

My wife and I are in love with the new bathroom!


11/20/2015 – Annette DeFonzo

A shout out to Anthony Gaudioso for running a tight ship; to Mary in the office for her friendly professionalism; to our Foreman Nicholas and his right-hand man, Juan.  Our kitchen is STUNNING. Stunning.  Gaudioso Contracting was professional from the get-go: prompt and courteous return calls; prompt arrival for appointments (or phone calls if delayed for some reason); understanding and responsive to any issues or concerns.  All of the workers were top notch.  This was a big job (at least for us) – a compete gut of our 17′ x 10.5′ kitchen and reversal/relocation of water and gas lines.  We tried desperately to fit a bathroom on the main floor of our 1910 house but, try as Anthony might (he even sent his architect to survey on his dime), it just couldn’t happen.  That’s okay — we love it anyway!

The workers were courteous, neat and very competent. Nothing was left a mess; debris was stacked neatly in our driveway until there was enough for pick-up.  Nicholas, our Foreman, was wonderful.  His right hand man, Juan, is creative and meticulous. Juan devised and built custom touches, such as the faux soffit above our fridge and pantry area and the framing in the cut out to our dining room.

As with any project, there were one or two problems beyond Gaudioso’s control that were handled seamlessly and diligently, and they ensured our satisfaction at no additional cost to us.  Any time we called with concerns or issues, the refrain was always “we’ll take care of it and get back to you” — any they did.  The electricians and plumbers they utilized were knowledgeable, courteous and professional.  In our circle of friends and family, we have had, hands-down, the best experience of any of them, and we’re already thinking ahead to the next project we want Gaudioso to do — finishing our basement.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to say we love our contractor!


11/19/2015 – Frederic Boucher

Anthony Gaudioso was super professional from our first meeting onwards. We got him through a friend who used Anthony’s company to remodel her entire apartment. At our first meeting, Anthony showed up ahead of time. He was quick and precise in his assessment of what we wanted – and he also had great suggestions.

As the work began, our point of contact shifted to one of his project managers, Travis Grega. Travis was fantastic. He remembered everything, was always available, came time and time again to  check on things. His workers were very good, professional, polite and observed all the building’s rules.

Gaudioso was on time and on budget (the project took a little more $$ and time in the end because we added some things that weren’t originally planned).

I already recommended Gaudioso Contracting to my friend who just bought a house in NJ and is looking to renovate.


09/28/2015 – Roszella Schrader

After clearing all the details with Anthony’s office, work was scheduled for 9/11/15.  At first it was going to be postponed until Sept. 23, but I was not able to make the change in date because of other scheduled commitments.  To accommodate me, the date was kept for 9/11/15.
Work began about 10:30 a.m. with two workers.  After making purchases at Home Depot, the work began.  The two men took a half/hour break for lunch; then continued on until about 5:00, finishing all the work.
The quality of the work is excellent.   Both men were very courteous and pleasant.  They took all the old parts with them and left everything very clean.
I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a good company.


09/24/2015 – Angela Edens

I bought the house and did renovations before moving in. The work took about 4.5 months. This was a 203K loan project, so the GC also worked with me on the inspections and paperwork required to release funds.

Anthony knows his business. He hires good crews and good subs. His bid was accurate and he knew how to deal with the permitting process. He also introduced me to the architect – who is both good at her job and lovely to work with.

My on site project manager runs a very good remodel crew. They do quality work and clean the place up very well at the end of the day. My project manager and I communicated very well – he responded to both text and phone calls. He also coordinated the specialty subs – electrical and plumbing.

The office staff handled the crazy 203K paperwork beautifully. Since I spent a fair amount of time on the phone with them, it also helps that they are friendly as well.

Not only were Anthony’s employees lovely to work with, but his subs were as well. During my standard 3 bid process, his subs were consistently thoughtful and non-condescending. This was one of the key selling points for me (one not shared by the other GCs who bid on this job) that encouraged me to believe that they would be able to work with me as the home owner.


08/28/2015 – Leslie Black-Tawfik

Anthony is professional, detail-oriented, punctual, and fair. When I said I wanted baseboard molding, he suggested I check the Home Depot site and advised me where not to look, as opposed to other contractors who either wanted to choose the molding themselves or suggested a the very website that Anthony had advised against which would have cost me 4 times what I paid for an excellent product at Home Depot. He and Luis, his foreman on this job, were easy to reach when I had questions or concerns, and the crew was meticulous. Anthony listened carefully to what I wanted and did not attempt to sell me on “upgrades” or “bells and whistles”  and my experience was that of a straightforward and totally satisfactory contract with an honest man for honest work. I recommend Gaudioso Contracting whole-heartedly and without reservation.


08/26/2015 – Jonathan Corum

We were extremely impressed with Gaudioso Contracting.
They were the only company we spoke with who understood we were looking for a partial bathroom renovation with a quick turnaround, and their quote was by far the most competitive of the five quotes we received.
We were very impressed with the quality of work, and they did a great job in a small space. The tile in particular was extremely well done, and the attention to detail was far beyond what we were expecting.
Thanks to the foreman (Luis) and everyone else who worked on the project. We have recommended Gaudioso to others and would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.

08/13/2015 – Carolyn E Phillips

From the initial visit to determine scope of work, to the completion this contractor and his crew were on point. They were always reachable, and never hesitated to call me if there was a question about some aspect of the work that affected the contract proposal. The most important aspect of my experience was that they stayed on schedule, were reachable if I had a question. They followed the management guidelines to the letter and everyone who visits comments on the quality of their workmanship.


07/03/2015 – Barbara Garii

I was incredibly pleased with the quality of work and the attention to detail.  This is a 100-year old apt that hadn’t had a major overhaul in many years.  Anthony’s walk-through with me before the project started — as he was developing his bid — was detailed — he anticipated issues that I hadn’t foreseen (which appeared, of course, when the kitchen and bathroom walls were torn down to the studs and the linoleum tiles were lifted) and he anticipated a variety of appropriate solutions for me to consider.  Basically, he assured that there were few surprises during this timeline of this project.
I could walk you through the details of the project, but to be honest, the most important thing to share are the fact that the project team — and a special shout out to Nicolas, the foreman — were a real team whose goal was to put together a high quality project that everyone was proud of.  They cleaned up after themselves every evening — I was not living in the apt for the bulk of the time they were working on it but I knew that whenever I came in to see it, the apt was clean and well-secured and there was progress to be seen.  The workers were friendly and courteous as well.
Any questions I had were quickly answered by Anthony (Gaudioso), Mary (in the office), or Nicoloas and they worked together to make sure that even the smallest of details were attended to quickly.  They made excellent suggestions, followed through on my decisions quickly, and the apt looks fabulous.
Two things to know:  First, he anticipated a 12-week turnaround; it took 16-weeks.  In the grand scheme of things, this was not an issue.  Having worked previously with contractors, I understood that he was suggesting a “best guess” and I thought the additional 4 weeks was well within the reasonable.  Second, this was not the lowest bid (nor was it the highest).  However, when reviewing the bids, I felt it was the most detailed and the most clear.  In other words, it appeared to be the most honest.
Am I happy with their work?  No question.  This turned out even better than I expected.  Would I hire them again?  In a heartbeat!  Have I recommended them to friends?  Yes!


04/22/2015 – David Freedman

We were very impressed from the very first meeting with Anthony (the owner) — got the sense he really knew what he was doing and had a great feeling of confidence right from the start.  This job had a hard deadline and all work was completed on time and on-budget.  Anthony and all the staff were a true pleasure to work with — everyone was super responsive, courteous and willing to go the extra mile.  The foreman was always accessible, really ran a tight ship, and was very meticulous.  All the work was impeccable — we were very pleased with the results; as close to flawless as it gets.  There were just a couple problems (some issues with wiring early in the job and an issue with the doors later in the job) but these were resolved with no hassle whatsoever.
In short — what could have been a nightmare scenario given our tight deadline turned out to be a smooth and enjoyable experience, with gorgeous results.  We wholeheartedly recommend Gaudioso Contracting.


04/17/2015 – David Ward

Nicholas was great.  Called to say he was running a few minutes late.  Figured out how to make tile repair look good in spite of slight bulge in wall, you can hardly tell the difference.  Job ended up looking very professional.  Did extra caulking around tub which I did not ask for but he threw it in to make sure everything was well-sealed.  I would call these guys again in a minute


04/15/2015 – Konstantin Tatarinov

Extremely professional, courteous and timely.  The work was started within a week of contacting Dave and took less than a week to complete. Considerably better priced than the three competitors I had contacted. I was very impressed with the speed and quality of the work and look forward to working with Gaudioso on my next project.


03/28/2015 – William Bodenschatz

I joined Angie?s List to find a contractor to totally renovate a small studio kitchen in my New York apartment and chose Gaudioso Contracting based on their reviews on Angie?s List and after looking at their website.  And I consider myself  very lucky in having decided on them as the experience and the results are fantastic.  They finished the work last week and there is not one negative word I could say about them?.only superlatives.
The finished kitchen is absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is perfection.  The three people Idealt with ? Anthony, the owner ? Luis, the project manager ? and Mary, the office manager ? were all GREAT!!!   Cordial, professional and friendly, they handled every question or request with speed and consideration.
Their pricing was very fair and came in right at the proposed estimate with the exception of an electrical upgrade that was necessary and couldn?t have been foreseen nor was their fault.  I know that my tiny kitchen project won?t represent a large percentage of their yearly gross, but they treated it as if it were a total apartment renovation on Park Avenue.
I cannot recommend them any higher ? they were simply THE BEST

The work was done quickly, beautifully and neatly! I'm thrilled with the work and customer service from the team at Gaudioso Contracting and would use them again. I highly recommend them!Beverly Ader
Anthony responded quickly, and scheduled a walk thru the next day. He gave us good advice and ideas along with what to expect from our management company. Quoted us quickly and was priced in the middle of what others quoted. We chose him based on how knowledgeable he was, and gut feeling. Once work started Nicolas our foreman was great, explained everything and addressed any concerns. Job was completed on time and at the price agreed. We were happy with how it came out overall.Fatima Abreu
Gaudioso Contracting kept on top of all the sub-contactors and kept me informed every bit of the way. The final result was a beautiful kitchen. All the workers from Gaudioso Contracting to the sub-contractors were experienced, very professional and respectful. I would recommend Gaudioso Contracting to anyone. You will not be sorry. Allison from Gaudioso was exceptional and she got me through it all. I never knew anyone who was more customer oriented. She kept on top of every aspect of the job and kept me informed. It was a pleasure dealing with her.Janet Barba
Very Well. This was my fourth project with Anthony so this speaks for itself. I would only work with him and would recommend him to anyone. The pricing and timing was accurate, his team is always professional. responsive, and courteous. I have worked with him on a complete kitchen, and a complete bathroom renovation, and a handyman job. This project was on a second bathroom.Carol Golden
Anthony's team provided timely & professional service. They really go above and beyond for their customers. Highly recommended. James Cheng
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